Day by Day

Greetings my fellow bloggers,

Today I would like to post about something that’s been on my mind for the past week or so. Its something so simple that really, this post may be dismissed as irrelevant by some. Anyways getting to the point, I woke up one day thinking to myself, “how many things can go wrong today?”. Now I know that this thought is very negative and I for one tend not to linger on anything that would corrupt my neutral mood. But no matter how many times I’ve told myself to look on the bright side, every previous bad day that I have ever had came flooding back into my mind. I mean seriously, how many of you do not remember all of those incredibly embarrassing moments at the worst possible time of your day? Sometimes it comes rushing to me so suddenly that I actually shudder. When you take the time to think about it every step you take feels like a trap waiting to be sprung. Unfortunately if you begin to think this way it is very hard to see the bright side of things. But fear not for I have come up with a solution that has helped me immensely during one of my darkest weeks so far. Actually the thought came to me while playing with one of my three dogs. I was wondering how he was able to stay so happy even though all he did all day was stay inside and walk around. I mean, dogs don’t have any particular goal or future plans do they? Yet every time I come home they greet me with joy. Then it hit me, they didn’t worry about the small stuff but instead lived day by day a moment at a time. Without worrying about food or toys or even simply staying alive, they are able to enjoy every single moment of the day, good or bad. So for the simple logic given to me by my beloved family members I am thankful. Now once again I am able to wake up every morning without being bombarded by unwanted thoughts and memories. For all of you out there who currently find yourself in this predicament, I suggest that you try out this mindset. Live your life one day at a time and remember all of the moments where things didn’t go wrong for you instead of the ones where they did. Thank you for reading and please share some of your experiences with me by commenting.


Is it sane to think your not insane?

Hello all,

As my first post I would like to question the very definition of insanity. Now I ask you fellow bloggers, when you see a stranger and dismiss them as a loon what leads you to do so? Is it the way they walk? The way they wear their cloths? Or maybe even a simple out of the ordinary comment that they had made. Well allow me to share one thing that I have come to realize over the passage of my life so far, no one in this world is completely sane. Of course I am not implying that the deeds that people have committed so far are not considered insane. Some things are just to horrible to be considered anything other then complete madness. But who has the right to distinguish who and what in sane or not in this world? I for one have doubts about my sanity on a semi-weekly basis. But isn’t that the normal way to think? Who in the world can honestly say that they have never had a moment when they think, “Oh god I am so messed up for thinking about this kind of stuff” or, “Why am I doing this for such a insignificant reason, am I crazy?!”. I’ll tell you who thinks like that….. people on the verge of insanity!! For all who think that thinking that you are insane makes you insane can rest at ease, because I for one have no doubt in my mind that you are not! But in the off chance that we are the crazy ones then you are not alone in this tragedy known as life!! And besides, who doesn’t love a good story with a twist. Thank you for reading this first post and please tell me your opinions on this matter.